Radar Detector Detector (RDD)

What is a Radar Detector Detector?

    A Radar Detector Detector uses the same characteristics as a radar detector. Both search for a certain frequency to warn the operator that a device is being used. In this case, a radar detector detector searches for a radar detector in operation. Since all electronic devices emits some type of an electronic signature, this is what a detector detector is tuned for, a detector's Local Oscillator.
   There are many forms of Radar Detector Detectors. There are either a specially made unit or a modified radar detector to search for radar detectors. Two that are in operations are the VG-2 Interceptor and the Stalcar. Others are actual radar detectors that are tuned to look for radar detectors. If you have run a detector before and had it good off as you pass another vehicle, this is called cross talk. This is what a tuned detector searches for.

VG-2 Interceptor

The VG-2 is an old detector detector, developed early 90s. It detects the older and some newer radar detectors in the market today. VG-2 looks for a specific frequency that is produced by the radar detector's oscillator. That frequency is centered near 11.558 GHz. Each manufacture has a different centered frequency, so the VG-2 searches from 11.4-11.6 GHz. The VG-2 unit uses a 1x conversion to pickup the signature a radar detector produces this leakage by the X band oscillator. The range for the VG-2 Interceptor from 2 miles down to 1 foot depending on the strength and shielding the oscillator is giving off.


Spectra RDD (aka Stalcar RDD)

Stalcar uses the VG-2's philosophy. It too is looks for this leakage produce by a radar detector oscillator, but improves immensely on the system of detection. It uses a 2x dual conversion receiver which is capable of scanning a radar detector's bands (Oscillator) with speed and precision. It not only looks for 11.4-11.6 GHz, it also looks for the New units that operations in the K and Ka output. A standard oscillator's output in the Ka frequency is roughly 34.7 GHz. This Stalcar unit is believed to look within 34.2 GHz to the 35.2 GHz range. The detecting range of the Stalcar is believed to be up to 1 mile.(0.6km/0.38 miles Reported)


Protection Against VG-2

For the early VG-2 there is protection on newer detectors produced (Escort 7500 and Lower model excluded.) Most detectors have changed there oscillator outside the range of pickup. Other detectors, detect the VG-2 unit and shutdown. These units that pickup VG-2 because of the leakage the VG-2 puts out by the 1x conversion oscillator (wide scanning.) They Valentine and 950/970/980/990 Beltronics have a different output and shielded oscillator.

Protection Against Spectra RDD (Stalcar)

Very little......The Spectra RDD, is strong detector that has been programmed for most of the latest radar detectors on the market. Only a selected few detectors have avoid the Spectra RDD. Though careful, again this unit can easily be modified to detect those detectors.


Where used...

The VG-2 Interceptors are used in some US States, Canada, and Australia, radar detector are illegal to use and/or possess. In the US, it controls trucks and the Virginia and D.C. banding on detectors.

Where used...

The Stalcar is used ONLY in Australia. Since Australia has banned all use of radar detectors, this unit was made especially for the HWP's. There are currently 50+ units active. More are on there way, but at a price of $2750.00(Australian) per unit.

The Spectra RDD is used fully in Canada and starting to filter down into the United States.

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